How Much Does Vape Cost in Uae

The cost of vape in the UAE typically ranges from AED 30 to AED 300. Prices vary based on the type and brand of the vape product.


Vaping has gained popularity in the United Arab Emirates, with an increasing number of users turning to e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking. Consumers in the UAE can choose from a variety of vape products, including starter kits for beginners and advanced devices for experienced vapers.


The market offers an array of e-liquids, mods, pens, and accessories to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. As you explore the world of vaping in the UAE, keep in mind that the price you pay depends on the features, quality, and performance you seek in a vape device. Importantly, always ensure you purchase from reputable sources to avoid counterfeit products and stay compliant with local regulations governing the sale and use of vape items.

How Much Does Vape Cost in Uae



Vaping In Uae: A Growing Trend

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has seen a significant cultural shift with vaping becoming increasingly popular. As people search for alternatives to traditional tobacco, the vape Dubai market in UAE is expanding rapidly. Let's explore this trend by examining its cultural aspects and the related legal framework.

Cultural Shift Towards Vaping

Vaping has emerged as a contemporary lifestyle choice among UAE's younger and more health-conscious demographic. With new vape shops springing up and online markets flourishing, the vaping community grows stronger. Here's how the culture is shifting:

  • Social acceptance: Smoking shisha is a longstanding cultural activity in the UAE. Vaping is becoming a modern equivalent, with many finding it a suitable social activity.
  • Health awareness: The potential reduced risks associated with vaping when compared to smoking have propelled its acceptance.
  • Tech-savvy population: Adoption of technology drives the appeal of advanced vaping devices.

Legality And Regulations

Understanding the legal landscape is essential for both retailers and consumers. Here are the key points regarding vape laws in the UAE:

Aspect Details
Legal age Vaping is only legal for adults over 18.
Sales regulation Only licensed retailers can sell vape products.
Product standards All products must meet specific safety standards.
Public use restrictions Vaping in public spaces is subject to local laws.

It's important to remain informed on updates to regulations, as laws can evolve with the rising trend

Types Of Vaping Devices

The landscape of vaping devices is diverse, with options for every experience level and budget. Understanding the types of devices available in the UAE is key to knowing how much you may spend on a vape. Let's explore the common devices you'll encounter.

Cig-a-likes And E-cigarettes

Cig-a-likes resemble traditional cigarettes, making them a familiar choice for those new to vaping. They consist of a small battery and a disposable cartridge, known as a cartomizer, which contains the e-liquid and a coil. Check out the highlights below:

  • Compact and user-friendly
  • Automatic or manual battery options
  • Disposable after use

Vape Pens And Pod Systems

Vape pens are a step up, offering longer battery life and refillable tanks or cartridges. Pod systems are similar but use pods instead of tanks, known for ease of use and portability. Here's what stands out:

Features Vape Pens Pod Systems
Refillable Yes, with e-liquid Yes, with pods
Battery Life Medium to high Medium
Portability High Very high

Mods And Advanced Personal Vaporizers

For those seeking more control and performance, mods and advanced personal vaporizers (APVs) are top-tier devices. They come with features such as variable wattage, temperature control, and substantial battery life. Discover the benefits:

  1. Customizable settings for a tailored vaping experience
  2. Large e-liquid capacity with refillable tanks
  3. Strong vapor production and rich flavors

Components Of Vape Cost

Curious about the cost of vaping in the UAE? Vaping can seem like a complex hobby. Yet, understanding the cost components is simple. Let's break them down.

Initial Setup Expenditure

The first step into vaping starts with the initial setup. Here's what you need and what it might cost:

  • Vape Device: This is your main investment. Prices vary widely.
  • Batteries: Some devices come with built-in batteries; others require separate ones.
  • Charger: Essential for keeping your device powered up.

Expect to spend anywhere from AED 100 to AED 500 on this first step.

E-liquids And Flavors

Flavors define your vaping experience. You will find a huge array of options.

Product Volume Price Range
Basic E-liquid 10ml AED 20 - AED 40
Premium E-liquid 30ml AED 50 - AED 100

Remember, your usage habits determine the frequency of purchase.

Maintenance And Accessory Costs

Keeping your vape in top shape requires small, ongoing investments:

  1. Coils: They need replacing every couple of weeks.
  2. Pods/Tanks: Depending on usage, these last one to three months.
  3. Cleaning Supplies: Regular cleaning ensures longevity and performance.

Aiming for a smooth vape experience? Maintenance items may range from AED 30 to AED 100 monthly.

How Much Does Vape Cost in Uae



Average Pricing For Vaping In The Uae

Vaping in the UAE has become a popular alternative to traditional smoking. With a range of options comes a variety of prices. Understanding the average cost can help buyers make informed decisions. Let's explore the costs of popular vape models. We'll also delve into e-liquid pricing and consumption.

Cost Comparison Of Popular Vape Models

Vape enthusiasts in the UAE have a broad selection to ponder. Prices differentiate by brand, features, and design. Below is a breakdown of the cost for some well-liked models:

Model Price Range (AED)
Basic Pen-Style Vapes 50-100
Pod Mods 100-300
Advanced Box Mods 150-500+
Disposable Vapes 20-50

Remember, quality and features can affect these numbers. A higher price does not always mean better performance.

E-liquid Pricing And Consumption Rates

The cost of e-liquids is as varied as the flavors available. It depends on brand, bottle size, and nicotine content. Here's a brief overview:

  • Standard 30 ml Bottles: Typically range from 40 to 100 AED.
  • Nicotine Salt E-liquids: Often priced between 50 to 120 AED for 30 ml.
  • Premium Brands: Can reach upwards of 100 AED per 30 ml.

Vapers' consumption rates vary. A regular user might consume a 30 ml bottle in a week. This means monthly expenses can range from 160 to 400 AED on e-liquids alone.

Money-savvy users often buy in bulk or seek out promotions. Doing so can lead to substantial savings over time.

Finding Vape Products In Uae

The UAE vape scene offers an exciting mix of products for enthusiasts. Users can find gadgets and juices that suit their taste and budget. From local shops to online platforms, the options are plenty. Explore below to find where and what you can buy in the UAE vaping market.

Local Vape Shops And Their Offerings

Local vape stores are scattered throughout the UAE. Customers can walk in and browse a variety of devices and flavors. Many shops provide a personalized experience with expert advice. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Starter Kits: Ideal for those new to vaping.
  • Mods: Customizable options for experienced vapers.
  • E-Liquids: A rainbow of flavor choices.
  • Accessories: From batteries to coil heads to enhance the experience.

Most local vape shops operate within the laws of the UAE. Always check for authenticity and warranty when purchasing.

Online Vape Marketplaces

Online stores provide a vast selection of vape products. Benefits include:

  • Convenience: Shop from anywhere, anytime.
  • Price Comparison: Easily compare costs.
  • Reviews: Read what others say about the product.
  • Deals: Online exclusive discounts.

When buying online, ensure the site is reputable. Look for secure payment options and clear return policies. Check for a valid trade license number to verify legitimacy.


Cost-saving Tips For Vapers

Vapers in the UAE always seek ways to enjoy vaping without draining their wallets. This section shares essential tips to conserve cash while indulging in your vaping hobby.

Bulk Purchasing And Deals

Purchasing in bulk is a smart move. Here's why:

  • Lower prices per unit
  • Access to exclusive deals

Keep an eye on:

Sales periods Loyalty programs Bundle offers
Black Friday Rewards on purchases Mix and match deals

Alerts for flash sales on vaping gear can lead to significant savings.

Maintaining And Extending The Life Of Vaping Gear

Proper care of your vaping equipment pays off.

  1. Clean regularly
  2. Store correctly
  3. Avoid overuse

Replacing parts like coils and wicks on time can extend the gear's life. Regular maintenance prevents costly repurchases.


  • Charge batteries before they're fully depleted
  • Use cases to avoid damage
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Does Vape Cost In Uae


How Much Does 1 Vape Cost?


The price of a vape varies widely, typically ranging from $15 to $50 for basic models, and $50 to $150 for advanced devices.


Is Vaping Allowed In Uae?


Vaping is permitted in the UAE, with regulations in place for the sale and use of e-cigarettes and related products.


Can I Buy Vape Online In Uae?


Yes, you can purchase vapes online in UAE from licensed retailers. Ensure the vendor complies with local regulations before ordering.


Does Dubai Airport Sell Vapes?


Dubai Airport does not sell vapes, as the UAE has strict regulations on the sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping products.




Exploring the cost of vaping in the UAE reveals a range of prices. Your budget and preferences play key roles. Affordable options exist alongside premium kits. Remember, regulations influence costs too. Seek the vape that meets both your desires and expenditure for an ideal experience.