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Introducing the IQOS ILUMA, a revolutionary e-cigarette that ushers in a new era of smoking alternatives. For individuals who have struggled to quit smoking and desire a fresh approach, the IQOS ILUMA in Dubai offers an ideal solution. Recognized as a significant advancement in electronic vaping, IQOS provides a satisfying experience reminiscent of traditional smoking, along with a wide range of appealing flavors. The latest version, ILUMA, introduces an innovative aroma feature and expands the flavor options with 12 different TEREA Stick flavors for the IQOS ILUMA.

Let's explore and compare the exclusive TEREA Stick flavors available for the IQOS ILUMA:

  1. TEREA HEETS REGULAR FOR ILUMA: Featuring a full-bodied woody flavor complemented by a subtle nutty aroma, TEREA Regular is a popular choice that appeals to those who prefer a strong taste. It provides a gentlemanly experience while suppressing any unwanted flavors. The fragrance of raw tobacco leaves combines with hints of nuts and wood to create a classic regular taste.

  2. TEREA HEETS DUBAI RICH REGULAR FOR ILUMA: For those seeking an intense and robust flavor, TEREA Rich Regular is the most powerful option. It harmonizes the depth and aroma of high-quality tobacco leaves with a malty undertone.

  3. TEREA HEETS DUBAI BALANCED REGULAR FOR ILUMA: The TEREA Balanced Regular offers a full-bodied and rich taste complemented by vanilla and citrus aromas. It has a slightly sharp acidity at first, followed by a mellow and subtly sweet taste. The secret ingredients of herbs and citrus contribute to its enjoyable flavor.

  4. TEREA HEETS DUBAI SMOOTH REGULAR FOR ILUMA: TEREA Smooth Regular is a mild option that combines a woody flavor with a touch of tea and a hint of vanilla. It offers a pleasant and subtly sweet experience while effectively suppressing any harshness.

  5. TEREA HEETS DUBAI MINT FOR ILUMA: Designed for menthol enthusiasts, TEREA Mint provides a mild coolness and a gentle vanilla scent. It strikes a perfect balance between menthol and tobacco flavors, reminiscent of the understated menthol cigarettes of the past.

  6. TEREA HEETS DUBAI MENTHOL FOR ILUMA: With a cool and refreshing flavor derived from a combination of mint and tobacco, TEREA Menthol offers a delightful spiciness rooted in peppermint. It provides a mild cigarette sensation, with menthol taking the forefront.

  7. NEW TEREA HEETS BLACK MENTHOL FOR ILUMA: Known for its intense menthol flavor, TEREA Black Menthol offers a strongly refreshing and invigorating experience. It delivers a tingling sensation close to bitterness, with a sharp taste and a prominent nicotine kick. This variant is popular among Marlboro cigarette and heat-not-burn tobacco users.

  8. NEW TEREA HEETS PURPLE MENTHOL FOR ILUMA: TEREA Purple Menthol combines a strong mint cooling effect with the enticing aroma of sweet and sour fruits. The blend of tobacco and fruity notes creates a refreshing sensation reminiscent of medium-bodied wine, with blueberry and grape skins contributing to the aromatic profile. Some individuals may perceive a slight chemical aroma due to reduced miscellaneous flavors.

  9. NEW TEREA HEETS BRIGHT MENTHOL FOR ILUMA: TEREA Bright Menthol offers a fruity scent blended with tobacco, resulting in a light and refreshing mint experience. It provides a perfect balance of flavors, appealing to those seeking a subtle minty sensation.

  10. NEW TEREA HEETS TROPICAL MENTHOL FOR ILUMA: TEREA Tropical Menthol combines the delightful

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