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It is important to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when working with rechargeable Li-ion (Lithium-ion) and LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) cells. Mishandling these batteries can lead to explosions or burns. Prior knowledge about rechargeable batteries is essential before using them.

To ensure safety, always charge batteries on a clean, fire-proof surface and never leave them unattended while charging. If you observe any visible damage on the batteries, do not use them. It is important to store, transport, and keep rechargeable cells in a secure, non-conductive container within a controlled environment.

Using damaged rechargeable batteries or chargers, or those that have been subjected to stress or mishandling, is strictly prohibited, even if no visible damage is present. Proper disposal of battery cells, chargers, or any other electronic devices must be done in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Maintaining strict adherence to safety precautions when handling rechargeable batteries is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure a safe vaping experience.


SMOK X-Force Replacement Coils Features:

  • 0.3ohm X-Force Coil
  • 0.6ohm X-Force Coil
  • 1.2ohm X-Force Coil
  • Traverse Coil Airflow Design
  • Optimal For Flavor & Vapor
  • Pack of 4 Coils

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