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RUTHLESS VAPOUR 60ml E-Liquid offers outstanding flavours that you must try. A variety of flavours are available in each bottle, which has a wonderful 3mg nicotine intensity. RUTHLESS VAPOUR features the fruity, sweet, or reviving menthol blends you're after. To ensure a great vaping experience, RUTHLESS VAPOUR employs premium ingredients as part of their dedication to quality. Take your vaping experience to new heights by indulging in the delectable world of RUTHLESS VAPOUR 60ml E-Liquid.



Tropical fruit blend with a luscious flavour characterises Slurricane shortfill e-liquid.

The fresh-tasting combination of peach and papaya for a sweet and sour flavour comes first, followed by the presence of the juicy guava.

Wine Grapes

The Grape Drank shortfill e-liquid has a balanced, fizzy flavour and is a fruity, sweet soda blend.

With the sweet kick of candy and soda to accentuate the flavour, the rich, dark flavour of grape is always present.

"Ez Duz It"

Ez Duz A luscious blend of ripe fruit flavour make up this shortfill e-liquid.

On inhale, a strawberry scent with a crisp flavour is prominent, followed by mellow undertones of tropical watermelon for a well-balanced vape.


A fruit blend with sweet and sour undertones and a generally fresh flavour makes up Ruthless' Strizzy shortfill e-liquid.

Before a sweet kiwi and delicate strawberry produce a luscious flavour for a layered fruit medley, a tart raspberry flavour opens everything up with a sour inhale.

Animal Flu

Tropical fruit blend with a tangy flavour makes up Jungle Fever shortfill e-liquid.

On inhalation, pineapple and mango's sweet and sour combination forms a juicy base for this blend, and on exhalation, a fusion of citrus fruits produces

The ice-cold variation of the most popular Grape Drank blend is called Grape Drank On Ice short fill e-liquid.

Dark grape flavour with sweet and juicy undertones is present upon inhalation. This flavour is supplemented by a mixture of soda and candy for a kick of sugar, and it is finished with a menthol wave.

Tropical Thud

The fruit blend with mellow and sweet undertones is called Tropic Thunda shortfall by Ruthless e-liquid.

A mild guava flavour that is accentuated with creamy undertones for a rich finish follows a powerful mixed berry flavour that provides this blend a luscious aftertaste and a punchy inhale.

Medicated Ice

Short fill Antidote On Ice e-liquid has a distinct fruity flavour and a frosty exhale.


A layer of blue raspberry adds an acidic note after the first, intensely sweet mango flavour, and then an ice-cold menthol flavour produces a refreshing exhale.

Ice by Ez Duz It

The fruit blend of Ez Duz It On Ice short fill e-liquid is a twist on the original Ez Duz It flavour.

Juicy strawberry and watermelon notes with a tart aftertaste make up the delicious inhale. Menthol is then added for a smooth and chilly finish.

Slugg Thang

Ruthless e-liquid's Swamp Thang shortfill is a blend of sweet and sour flavours with a candied coating.

A crisp and sweet basis is provided by the green apple flavour on inhale, which is followed by tangy undertones that are further accentuated by a sour candy exhale.

On ice, skipping

Smooth fruit blend with a cold finish characterises Skir Skirr On Ice short fill e-liquid.

Crisp, sweet, tangy, and tinged with a hint of luscious honeydew melon, the green apple flavour is crisp on the inhale. A menthol exhale brings everything together for a frosty conclusion.

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