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Introducing the convenient, disposable nicotine delivery method, the Ripe Vapes Palm.  Enjoy its superior construction and leading failure rate in the business.

The Ripe Vapes Palm 3000 is a great option for anyone searching for a simple-to-use vaping device that provides a fun experience without the stress of upkeep. For vapers who value the flavour of premium e-liquid, this disposable pod device's smooth and rich flavour of high-quality tobacco makes it a must-have.

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Excellent mesh coil with 1.2-ohm resistance and 1000mAh battery are ready for use after a complete charge in the Ripe Vapes Tankless Saltz design. Spitting and leaking are avoided in this way.

  • Power/Voltage: The base includes a Ripe 'Tree' LED puff light that is 3.7V/9.5W/8 millilitres in size and has a maximum puff capacity of 3000.

  • There are nicotine doses of 20, 30, and 50 mg available.

  • Consequently, the Ripe Vapes Palm 3000 is the ideal option if you're searching for a portable, high-quality disposable pod device that provides a pleasurable vaping experience. This product will become your go-to vaping accessory thanks to the high-quality e-liquid, durable battery, and chic design. Try it out immediately if you want to get the best vaping experience ever!

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