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Nasty Salt Nicotine E-Liquid 35MG & 50MG All Flavours

Discover the All Flavours collection of NASTY SALT NICOTINE E-LIQUID to taste their bold and alluring flavours. This line of e-liquids comes in both 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths and offers a wide range of enticing options to suit every vaper's preferences. Nasty Salt Nicotine E-Liquid features a variety of tempting fruit combos, rich sweets, and creamy compositions for an exceptional vaping experience. Enter the world of NASTY SALT NICOTINE E-LIQUID and experience the perfect fusion of flavour and delight with every puff.

Nasty Salt Nicotine E-liquid Features:

  •  30mL Unicorn Bottle
  •  Child Resistant Cap
  •  50% PG• 50% VG
  •  Nicotine Salts Formulation
  •  Available nicotine: 35mg, 50mg


Bad Blood

The Bad Blood Salts from Nasty Juice are an exact duplicate of our popular Bad Blood 50ml. Bad Blood also features a delicious blend of sweet, ripened blackcurrants with subtle mint undertones.

Quick Blow
One of the best e-liquids on the market, Nasty Slow Blow Salts combines sweet pineapple and lime soda. Nasty Salt Slow Blow is a flavour that has received recognition in more than ten nations!

Asap Yucky Salt Grape Salts Asap Grapes are Black Grapes with Mixed Berries. award-winning flavour on several occasions.Nasty Salt is a specifically made product that uses the greatest ingredients to deliver nicotine more fast.

Cush Man Salted Nasty Salt The greatest mangoes in the world are used to make Cush Man, which has three layers of deliciousness.

by Trap Queen, Salts
Nasty Trap Queen Salts is a mouthwateringly sweet and flavorful strawberry fruit vape. You'll feel as though you are enjoying freshly picked strawberries.

Blend of Salts in Bronze
Simple but delicious, Nasty Salt Bronze is a blend of caramel and tobacco.Nasty Salt Bronze is Specially Formulated with the Best Ingredients to Release Nicotine More Quickly.

Salts in a Blend of Silver
Nasty Silver combo, each inhale Salts offer a decadent tobacco blend with a hint of custard vanilla.

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