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Disposable Vaporizer by Micko The Veiik Micko Vaporizer, a new revolutionary pocket-friendly masterpiece with small design and leak-proof engineering, integrates a 310mAh built-in battery with 1.5ml pod capacity.

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The Veiik Micko Vaporizer is made of premium stainless steel and is shaped like a pen for convenient mobility. It combines durability with a comfortable, lightweight design. It may be small in size, but it can support up to 400 puffs and is powered by an inbuilt 310mAh battery with a 10W output. The pod's 1.5ml volume makes it ideal for your daily vaping requirements. Ten pieces come in each pack.

Additionally, there are 10 flavors available for you to choose from:

Lychee Ice (3% nicotine): A delicious lychee flavour infused with a lingering, rich aroma that gives you total delight.
  • Thai Mango (3% nicotine) is a well balanced mango blend that leaves a long-lasting, gratifying taste in your lips.
  • Lemon Citron (3% nicotine): A lovely blend of sweetness and tartness that evokes the sensation of falling in love.
  • Classic Tobacco (4% nicotine): For a premium taste, a distinctive tobacco flavour is skilfully paired with delectable vanilla ice cream.
  • Blue Ice (3% nicotine): The sourness of blueberries mixed with an intriguing ice flavour causes a significant increase in tongue heat.
  • Nuts Tobacco (4% nicotine): This intriguing blend of mysterious tobacco flavour and distinctive nut flavour provides a unique and memorable vaping experience.
  • Watermelon (2% nicotine): Enjoy the flavour of watermelon to get a taste of the sweet and energising scent of summer.
  • Mung Bean Ice (3% nicotine): A nicely balanced combination with a cooling effect that recalls fresh mango juice.
  • With each inhale and exhale, Thai Pineapple (3% nicotine) awakens your taste buds and leaves behind an intensely fragrant and gratifying aftertaste.
  • Mighty Mint (3% nicotine): Refreshes your senses and tempts your taste buds with its strong menthol aroma and fresh, somewhat sour flavour.
  • Choose your favorite flavor and indulge in a satisfying vaping experience with the Veiik Micko Vaporizer.

Orange Soda, contain 2% nicotine

Delivery Available in Emirates 

  • Dubai, 
  • Abu Dhabi 
  • Ajman, 
  • Sharjah
  • Ras al Khaimah
  • Ajman
  •  Fujairah
  •  Al-Ain

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