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Presenting the JUUL 2 Pod System, the newest and best iteration of the well-known JUUL gadget, currently obtainable in Dubai. With its cutting-edge features and streamlined style, this improved device provides a better vaping experience.

With the JUUL 2 Pod System, you can use it for longer periods of time before recharging. It's practical for vaping on-the-go thanks to its ergonomic and small design, which fits comfortably in your hand and pocket.
JUULpods, which come in a range of flavours to suit your preferences, are used with this pod system. Each pod has 0.7ml of pre-filled e-liquid in it, which is enough for 200 pure enjoyment puffs. You may experiment with a variety of flavours thanks to the JUUL 2 Pod System's compatibility with both the iconic JUUL flavours and the intriguing new ones.

The JUUL 2 Pod System's user-friendly UI makes it exceedingly simple to use. To start vaping, all you need to do is place a JUULpod into the device. The device is draw-activated, so there are no buttons or difficult settings necessary.

With a nicotine dosage of 5% by weight (50mg nicotine), the JUUL 2 Pod System also provides a satisfying nicotine hit. Thanks to its temperature control technology, this device provides a smooth and consistent vaping experience for both novice and experienced users.

The new and improved JUUL 2 Pod System is now offered in Dubai, upgrading your vaping experience. Enjoy this cutting-edge device's performance, convenience, and range of flavours.

Juul 2 Replacement Pods Flavor Options:

  • Autumn Tobacco: Soft tobacco and fruit garden notes
  • Crisp Methol : Cooling menthol
  • Polar Menthol : Ice and Menthol
  • Ruby Menthol: Red fruits and refreshing menthol
  • Summer Menthol : Tropical fruits and refreshing menthol
  • Virginia Tobacco : Virginia Tobacco
  • Origin US and UK Options

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