INFINIX 2 Replacement Pod

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INFINIX 2 Replacement Pod

Learn about the SMOK INFINIX 2, a very small and simple-to-use vaporizer that uses refillable pods for a hassle-free vaping experience. Make sure your enjoyment doesn't stop by stocking up on replacement pods made only for the Infinix. Longer vaping sessions are possible thanks to each pod's huge 2.0mL e-liquid capacity, which eliminates the need for frequent refills. You will receive three pods with each pack, ensuring you have a sufficient quantity to keep your INFINIX 2 operating at peak efficiency. Enjoy the INFINIX 2 system's ease of use and convenience by keeping a regular supply of replacement pods on hand.

Product Specifications:

  • Each pod holds 2.0 mL
  •  each pack has 3 capsules.
SMOK INFINIX 2 Replacement Pod-1.4

  • Pack of 3

    1.4 Ohms

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