Iced Mango Ziip Pods for Juul Devices

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Find out about the brand-new Iced Mango Ziip Juul Compatible Pods at E-Cig Dubai, which offer a flavour experience you won't want to miss. With each puff, this exclusive mixture creates a tropical and chilly sensation by fusing the sweet and juicy flavour of mango with the refreshing freshness of ice. These pods' 5% nicotine concentration packs a hefty punch to sate your cravings.

Four Iced Mango Ziip Pods are included in each pack, and they work well with the original Juul device. One pod may replace a whole pack of cigarettes, making it a practical and affordable solution for anyone trying to give up smoking. High-quality, American-made e-juice with a salt base makes up one gramme of each pod. Be at ease knowing that these pods are completely compatible with the Juul, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable vaping experience with the delectable Iced Mango flavour. Don't be reluctant to savour this innovative flavour that will take you to a tropical paradise.

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  • 5% nicotine is present.
  • Four Iced Mango Pods for the Original Juul Device are included in each Ziip Iced Mango Pack.
  • A single pack of cigarettes is the same as one Ziip Iced Mango Pod.
  • One gramme of e-juice is contained in each Ziip Iced Mango Pod.
  • United States-made salt-based pods
  • 100% Compatible with Juul!This new flavour has the fantastic taste of ice and mango that you've been yearning for!

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  • Umm Al Quwain
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  • Al Barsha, Dubai
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  • Al Ghubaiba, Sharjah
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  • Al Qusais, Dubai
  • Alin

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