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Introducing the I Love Salts Starter Kit, a comprehensive package designed for your store. Choose between 25MG or 50MG nicotine strengths and receive a display case containing 6 bottles of each delightful flavor: Juicy Apples, Fruit Cereal, Grappleberry, Spearmint Gum, Strawberry Candy, and Sweet Tobacco. Additionally, you have the option to order individual bottles in alternative salt nicotine strengths to supplement or diversify your display, ensuring a well-stocked selection with dual facings of both 25MG and 50MG options.


Fresh, chilly spearmint gum with a menthol flavour similar to gum is called spearmint gum.
Apples that are juicy and gloriously fresh-picked, beyond crisp and reviving
Fruit Cereal: The most beautiful imitations of sweet, fruity cereal that has been drenched in icy, creamy milk.
Fresh blueberries that are brimming with the sweet and tangy richness of apples and grapes to quench your thirst are called grappleberries.
Strawberry Candy: A tangy and sweet strawberry flavour that sticks to your sweet tooth long after the vapour has disappeared.
Sweet Tobacco: A deep, smooth tobacco flavour enhanced with nutty sweetness.

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