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The process of buying IQOS HEET in Dubai is simple. There are many luxury cigarette shops in Dubai that sell different smoking accessories including IQOS thermocouples and HEETS. You can easily go to one of these stores to buy the smoking accessories you need. However, if you'd want a more practical solution, you may order online and get free delivery on HEETS for IQOS in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah.
Heat sticks called HEETS provide an alternative to cigarette consumption. These sticks offer a novel flavour and scent experience since they are created from carefully chosen tobacco leaves. They are made especially for using with IQOS heating systems to smoke tobacco. HEETS include a unique tobacco blend that has been combined with aromatic ingredients to provide a brand-new flavour and fragrance. Heat sticks, which are produced using contemporary methods, let you experience the full flavour and scent of tobacco without the unpleasant bitterness and smoke that come with regular cigarettes.

Package includes:

  • 20 sticks in one tiny pack of Heets Turquoise Selection (Kz).
  • 20 sticks in one little pack (Kz) Heets Yellow Selection
  • 20 sticks in one little pack (Kz) Heets Purple Wave
  • 20 sticks in one little pack Bronze Heets Selection (Kz)
  • 1 little pack of Heets Silver Selection (Kz) (20 sticks)
  • 20 sticks in one little pack - Heets Tropical Swift
  • Dubai's Iqos Heets - Turquoise Collection:
Turquoise Label Sticks are a simple yet effective technique to mix a robust tobacco base with reviving menthol overtones. Both tobacco and menthol complement each other extremely well. The flavor's invigorating burst of freshness will contribute to the traditional smoking process' diversification.

Dubai's Iqos Heets - Green Zing

Iqos Heets Dubai Green Zing has a fantastic, all-natural flavour. Fresh citrus and delightful herbal spicy overtones are added to the strong, cooling menthol to improve its flavour. The aroma of green tea is detected. Excellent for feeling refreshed or capturing the flavour of lemon tea.

The appeal of the green sticks is their delicateness and effective blending of menthol with citrus undertones that avoids overpoweringly strong fruity fragrances. It is appropriate for both seasoned smokers and those who have chosen to switch to IQOS from ordinary cigarettes since it has the ideal balance of flavour intensity and medium Strong.

Iqos heets dubai – What is HEETS?

HEETS are specifically shaped tobacco sticks constructed using an innovative manufacturing technique called cast leaf process, which was created by Philip Morris International. Each HEETS stick is made to fit the length, diameter, and shape of the IQOS device holder and, like traditional cigarettes, can be used for 14 puffs, or around 5 minutes. Due to the "heat-not-burn" technique, HEETS sticks have a taste that is relatively distinct from tobacco cigarettes. These HeatSticks can be addicting because they do contain nicotine.

Composition of IQOS HEETS Dubai Sticks

Vegetable glycerin, nicotine, tobacco, and flavourings like menthol, chocolate, and spices make up the tobacco component of HEETS. The cooling plug, airflow chamber, protective aluminium wrap, and cellulose acetate mouthpiece filter make up the non-tobacco portion.

IQOS HEETS Selection – Iqos heets dubai

HEETS Amber, HEETS Silver, HEETS Turquoise, HEETS Yellow, HEETS Purple Wave, HEETS Bronze collection, HEETS Green Zing, and HEETS Tropical Swift are among our collection of traditional IQOS Heets flavours.

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