Elite White Myle Meta Device

Sale priceDhs. 70.00


A state-of-the-art gadget that provides incredible new technology for an enhanced vaping experience is the Myle V5 Meta Pod device. There's a new feature added to the anti-leak protection that MYLE users have come to love in our device.

With a novel approach to isolation technology, it incorporates our patented leak-proof technology to keep you safe from leaks.

Two hidden metal prongs inside the Meta device activate when the pod is inserted. This releases and pushes up a seal inside the pod, which when sealed, causes the device to saturate the coil with e-juice. It is necessary to hold the first breath for 30 to 1 seconds.

This device's 380mah battery and the mesh coil's ability to distribute heat evenly will provide flavor consistency and an unrivaled vaping experience.
This device will provide a simple, burn-free pull, consistent flavor, and won't clog your coil because of its even flavor distribution. To put it simply, the new mesh coil technology improves our already incredible tastes, and the larger tank capacity will satisfy those looking for a longer lasting device. The pods we recently produced look very classy.

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